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Mr. Edco, also known as Mr. Ed, is the founder of Edco Studios.

Mr. Edco's interests, besides videography and photography, include those ever-surprising New England Patriots. Who would have thought they could pull it off the year before the year before last year? They are not doing so badly now, either.

In the previous version of this page, it was noted that Mr. Edco would probably would not admit an interest in the Boston Red Sox until the year they got it right. Well, unless you were living someplace like Singapore, you would know that 2004 was that year, and Mr. Edco is now as proud as any New Englander of the home team, underdog-turned-hero.

Favorite restaurants: at the top of the list is probably the venerable Pub 99 in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. People who have visited many Pub 99s, including city planners and accountants from Rhode Island, swear that none of them even comes close to this Pub 99---which serves food as fine as some gourmet Italian restaurant and good seafood restaurants found on the New England coastline. We don't know how they do it, but we sure hope they don't change the quality of their food or the service there. Other Pub 99s: get with the program!

The digital age is in full swing at Edco Studios, with the latest in computer, scanning, printing, camera, and DVD authoring technology linking the studio to the rest of the world every day (except heavy snow days when the snow-blower doesn't start). Edco Studios communicates via e-mail out of state and around the world, on a daily basis.

Edco Studios thanks you for visiting the venerable Edco Studios web site. We encourage you to come back from time to time to see what's new, and to tell all your friends there is life beyond old 'Simpsons' and 'Friends' episodes.


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