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Welcome to Edco Studios 2007!

Edco Studios in Lunenburg, Massachusetts has created video productions for over a decade on many topics. Using a sophisticated variety of video and audio equipment, the studio is famous for its special effects and musical tracks, which combined create interesting and entertaining productions.

In recent years Edco Studios has branched out into the digital photography and digital video venue, producing many images covering a wide variety of topics. Edco studios uses digital scanning technology to recover and enhance pictures from over half a century ago. Visit the Edco Studios Photo Gallery to see images from the past and the present.

This past year Mr. Edco celebrated his three quarters of a century birthday with his family. It was a fun occasion with many grandchildren from all over---Illinois, Florida, and New Hampshire. Part of the celebration was a nice family dinner at the Pub 99 in Fitchburg and a great cookout party at Camp Caldow in Lunenburg.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. Mr. Edco passed away quietly and peacefully at home on Friday evening, January 26, 2007 after a short respiratory illness. A true strong Finn to the end, he went to work earlier that same week. Previously successfully recovering from a stroke, several operations, a heart condition, and a bout with bladder cancer, in the end Mr. Edco passed away due to the rigors of a happy long life and Old Man Winter. Suomi.


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