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Welcome to Edco Studios 2007 in Lunenburg, Massachusetts, USA!

You have found the home of Edco Studios. World-famous for a decade for its innovative video productions, Edco Studios is a local digital-quality "home" video studio operated by Mr. Edco. Check out our interesting links to other web sites, our photo gallery, and the best quality weather information on the internet. See About Edco Studios 2007 for more information about Edco studios.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. Mr. Edco passed away quietly and peacefully at home on Friday evening, January 26, 2007 after a short respiratory illness. A true strong Finn to the end, he went to work earlier that same week. Previously successfully recovering from a stroke, several operations, a heart condition, and a bout with bladder cancer, in the end Mr. Edco passed away due to the rigors of a happy long life and Old Man Winter. Suomi.

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bulletTEDucation.com (my son Ted's web site)
bulletOllikkala.com (my son Barry's web site)
bulletAl's Place (Al & Cindy Laiho's B&B up in Cornville, Maine)

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View the Edco Studios photo album with images from the past and the present.

Photo Gallery

Finnish American
bulletRaivaaja, Fitchburg (The Pioneer)
bulletSaima Park, Fitchburg
bullet Story of Finns in Fitchburg


bulletThe Boston Herald
bulletThe Boston Globe
bulletThe Worcester Telegram
bulletFitchburg Sentinel & Enterprise


bulletNew England Patriots
bulletBoston Red Sox

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